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About Me

My name is Kimberly Damaris Munoz. I have always been in love with the miracle of birth. As a child, I would often find myself watching pregnancy documentaries as well as birthing videos in place of what other children were viewing. That is when I decided that one day I will be working with pregnant women and newborns. I live for genuine connection, empowering women by informing them of their choices regarding their body, and supporting them through the entire process. From conception to birth, and anything in between and after.

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My Services

Prenatal Visits

Informative & Compassionate

During our prenatal visits we will work with your personal birth preferences, practice ideal birthing positions, and breathing exercises as well as other comfort measures that will be beneficial during your labor.


Labor Guidance

Offering Support

During labor, I offer unwavering support to you, the mother and your family before, during and after birth. I will stay in close contact in order to routinely check how you’re doing and step in with anything you might need. I will be there throughout your laboring experience. Providing comfort measures any way I can such as soothing you while in labor, staying to assist with breast feeding, and leaving once it is appropriate to allow for family bonding time.


Postpartum Doula Services

Here for You & Baby

The early days of child rearing can be very scary and stressful. My role during Postpartum support is to ensure that I work as an extension of you so both mother and baby are happy, healthy, and taken care of. Providing breastfeeding guidance and any other resources momma and baby might need.

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"Kim is a GODSEND and an Angel. As a first time mom

I was very anxious about labor. I was equipped with the knowledge thru my Bradley Classes, and my partner

and I were ready BUT to have that extra reassurance and knowledge from Kim was priceless. She came over

(Covid-safe) to prep us and answer any questions we had.

She was always prompt and on-time and easy to work

with scheduling-wise. The day of labor she was right there

and on top of everything. Her calm demeanor and

reassuring nature really allowed me and my partner the

space to labor like we desired. She made sure I got to the

birthing center when I was almost fully dilated and

coached me thru my contractions effortlessly. Her

hands-on techniques helped tremendously when things

got painful. I am so grateful we chose her AND she took

amazing pictures and footage of the birth. She is forever

family. P.s. she did all of this while being pregnant also.

Our baby loves her!"

- Kimberly Clark

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My husband and I decided to try to have an unmedicated, no-intervention "natural" birth. We took the "Mama Natural" birth classes and they highly recommend getting a doula. We were skeptical at first, but my midwife suggested just looking to see if I found someone I liked. Kim was the first out of 2 doulas I was going to interview and lets just say I cancelled the second one after my call with Kim! Kim is an AMAZING doula, in fact my midwife who has been in the industry for decades, told me that Kim is the best she's worked with. Throughout prenatal, birth, & postnatal Kim has been there for me, my husband, my baby, and even my family. I 10000000% recommend choosing Kim if you want someone who will keep you calm, priortize YOU and your choices, know exactly how to help aid you in pain management (through breathing techniques, lavender essential oil, massages, putting you in different positions, prayer, etc), and even help your partner/SO help you. I could NOT have done it without Kim. Kim- thank you so much! I am forever grateful for you! We love you xoxo

-Sarah Erolin

Home: Testimonials
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